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My greatest passions are: traveling and helping others. I enjoy learning and immersing myself in different cultures. I have an adventurous spirit, craving new experiences and meeting new people. This is where I post my fantastic journey and people.

Lucilius Meursault

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Tunç Gürel
aka. Lucilius Meursault

Dumpster: I have worries about being kidnapped or not on the road. I am afraid of being fat and sloppy. no offense. ;) I dont give a f*** about others opinion of what I should be doing.

Positivity Feed I am alive and consciouss in this very moment I am typing this. I am excited for my solo backpacking trip to Ecuador. I love the Way.

Gratitude I am grateful to be gifted a life from the giver of life. The amazing meals and the people I am surrounded with. To have such readers like you :)


A guitar teacher passionate about helping young enthusiasts become excellent players. As a solo traveler and backpacker, I travel the world teaching guitar to students in elementary schools. I believe that music can be a transformative experience for everyone, and I want to share my love and knowledge of the guitar with students in new and exciting ways. If you're looking to enhance your guitar skills and explore the world, I'm the perfect teacher for you!

Journey continues ...


Powell River

British Columbia

March 19 - April 12

Savary Island

British Columbia

April 12 -    May 1



May 7 -       May 21

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